May 31, 2011

An open letter to Israel (written after the flotilla disaster)

It was with a mixture of admiration and awe that the world heard of your valiant attack against the aid convoy headed for the Gaza Strip on 30 May 2010.

As you have invariably and tirelessly pointed out in similar situations in the past, you acted here in legitimate self defence. Although the activists on board the peace ships were still in international water when your soldiers attacked them, they were clearly in breach of international law. You had strong reason to believe that they came in bad faith and with malicious intent to foment trouble. And of course they attacked your commandoes first, without the least provocation. Your men who only boarded the ships to welcome them and steer them safely to the shore found themselves under a vicious and unexpected attack, which naturally forced them to retaliate. The unfortunate exchange occasioned the death of no more than nineteen and wounding only fifty, though the toll is still rising. So all we can say to the so-called freedom loving activists is that they deserved what they got.

The activists’ most heinous and unforgivable crime was to try to bring food and supplies into Gaza, which you have managed to turn into the vastest human cage in history. Your achievement in enforcing and maintaining the blockade on this troubled area is truly worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. No similar model exists or has ever existed before. Later generations will no doubt remember and appreciate your actions, and the annals of history will proudly record how you helped prevent little children from growing up to become terrorists. Depriving them of food and education, and leaving their souls to fester in hate and loathing, is only a means to an end. Machiavelli must be dancing in his grave to see his principles so religiously applied and so enormously successful.

Your detractors may allege that your actions represent a crime against humanity. But the answer to those unfounded claims is simple: human rights are for human beings and not for sub-humans such as the one and a half million Palestinians who are in fact terrorists, either actual or potential. Even if Gazan children obstinately held on to life and refused to be exterminated as a result of this blockade, they would become so psychologically devastated that they would be rendered totally harmless in future.

By keeping an army of occupation in the West Bank and putting Gaza under total siege, you have not only redefined colonialism but have also re-invented it anew. Your Lilliputian state may be just as diminutive as its eighteenth-century counterpart but it is, one must admit, far more ruthless. With your arsenal of top-notch weaponry which you no doubt use with discretion to discipline and punish, you have turned into the greatest and most honoured bully in the world, with the blessings of your friends and supporters in high places.

But will the world listen to your pleas and stop the aggression of Palestinians and their activist supporters who are bent on disturbing your peace-loving nation and threatening its very existence? Is it not possible for you to enjoy peace within your legally acquired, ever-expanding borders? Let us just hope that the world continues to slumber on while you fulfil your mission of love and humanity, a taste of which we have just seen in the waters of the Mediterranean!

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